Experience East Beach



A neighborhood designed to bring people together – on the sidewalks, in the parks, and on their porches.

Ah, East Beach.

Stroll down sidewalks shaded by live oak trees and recall what an honest-to-goodness neighborhood feels like. It’s all part of the philosophy behind a Traditional Neighborhood Development, also known as New Urbanism.

Streetscapes are designed for walking. Stroll just a few short blocks to the Chesapeake Bay or head in the opposite direction to Pretty Lake’s deepwater marinas and the shops along Pretty Lake Avenue.

East Beach is a neighborhood designed for pedestrians, bicycles and golf carts, with shops, restaurants and other amenities within close proximity. Homes are designed in traditional architecture styles, making them feel like they’ve been there forever. You'll find a mix of housing styles, hidden gardens, carriage house apartments, and, always, at the end of each north-south street, the Chesapeake Bay.


East Beach offers its residents plenty, from the  Chesapeake Bay beach to the Bay Front Club, from its front-porch lifestyle to the charming streetscapes and more!


The attention to detail – in the neighborhood's overall masterplan to the architectural styles of all of the homes - sets East Beach apart from other places to live.